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2022 — October-November
Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati 2022 All Member Exhibition

The club’s annual All Member Exhibition was at the The Barn | Woman’s Art Club Cultural Center October 16 through November 11, 2022.

Club Member response to this year’s call for entry resounded with more than 90 works of art which included painting, sculpture, fiber creations, ceramics, and jewelry. The opening reception on October 16 was very well attended as was the show throughout its installation with more than 200 visitors attending.

People’s Choice Awards went to the following artists
– Sue K. Blaney for Turquoise Tulle
– Debbie Cannatella for Dreaming a Parallel Universe
– Sarah Gabel for Cycles of Life
– Chris Krupinski for Fishin’ in the Moonlight

Exhibition coordinators Bev Seibert and Claire Long wish to thank all of the Club Members who shared their work and to extend a very special thank you to those who helped with the show, saying also that they couldn’t have produced an exhibition of this quality and size without such strong support from club members.


2022 — September Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati Meeting
Guest Speaker — Asha White

Asha White is a success story about the power of perseverance

While getting her undergraduate degree at UC, she initially wanted to enter UC’s DAAP program. However, when DAAP was not feasible, she earned her BA in Communications with a minor in Women’s Studies and a Public Relations certification. Entering the banking industry, she quickly climbed the corporate ladder. But when the corporate world no longer ignited her passion, Asha switched her career goals to reconnect with her creative practice.

Since 2017, Asha has played an active role in our local arts community. Through her work, Asha has become an influential voice for creative expression as a vehicle for mental health healing and overcoming stigma. Her “Mood Altering” series opened July 14th at Cincinnati Art Museum and can be seen through August 14th, 2022.

Earlier this year, coming full circle, Asha was admitted to UC’s DAAP program, where she is pursuing her master’s degree in Art Education.

2017 — October
In celebration of our 125th year,
ArtWorks and the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati partnered to celebrate and commemorate the Club’s 125th year with the creation of Emerge. Designed by local artist Tina Westerkamp, Emerge lives on 12th Street, between Race & Vine in OTR.

Many thanks to the members of the Woman’s Art Club for their support of this project and to local teaching artists Paul Loehle and Bailey Dowlin who worked with the team of eight local youth apprentices to paint and install this beautiful mural.

A dedication ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 17th — Click Here to enjoy a short video about the mural.

February 2020
Rodney Veal, host of The Art Show, sat down for a conversation with Dodie Loewe, Board President of the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati.

See it on YouTube — CLICK HERE