There’s no starting the process and “saving” the form to complete later. There’s also a time-out function if the process is inactive for too long. So, plan and prepare to complete the form in one sitting to avoid having to start over.

If you haven’t already done so, now would be a good time to download a How-To document (pdf) to help you navigate and complete the form below. CLICK HERE to do that.

Because of your dedication and service to the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati your membership dues have been waived for now and evermore. However, we do need you to complete the registration and affirmation process.

About creating a unique login
The old login — ClubMember/KnockKnock — will be disabled shortly. When you register and renew your membership you will be asked to create a new login that is unique to you in the same way that the login to your bank, your Amazon or Netflix account is. You will need this new login to not only access/update your profile, but to also access the members-only pages of the website.

Here’s how you create your unique login
Your user name will automatically be the email address you use on the form below and that email address should be one you check often and want to use for all of your Club correspondence. You will create the password. It must be at least 8 characters in length, containing both upper and lowercase letters and having at least one numerical character and one special character. You’ll get an error message if your password is not strong enough and you’ll have to try again.

There should be no stopping you now.
However, if you do have problems or need more guidance, please contact Yuki Lodge via email by clicking here.