From SWOPA : COVID-19 + Painting Schedule

We encourage everyone to comply with Governor DeWine’s stay at home policy.
The Southwest Ohio Plein Air Painters group is a free, unorganized, voluntary group. Painting
outside does come with its own risks and each artist is responsible for his/her own safety and
health. Who would ever believe that we would have to say, “Paint at your own risk!”

Traveling away from home carries risks. Going to any public place where you might touch
something someone else has touched, carries risks. Please come to paint with the group only if
you feel you can do that safely. If you do, and you touch any surface others may have touched,
including in the restroom, please wash your hands thoroughly, with soap.

Please maintain at least 6 feet between each other and stay in a cross-breeze so that you do
not breathe each other’s air. It is recommended that you put your clothes in the washing
machine as soon as you get back home because the virus can live a good while on surfaces
you may have brushed against that an ill person touched.

People can be ill without knowing it. We risk the spread of the virus by simply grocery shopping or getting gas.

That said, if you feel you can paint safely in the locations announced, then paint. Otherwise,
please paint at home and send a photo of your painting to the FaceBook page for us to publish.

Thank you,
SWOPA Painters

Download : 2020_SWOPA_schedule

Download : SWOPA 2020 COVID-19 Notice