Something for everyone — for beginners and others: learn to paint more efficiently, increase or refresh your understanding of color and composition, or just for the fun of playing with color and composition. The demos are done using acrylics but you’ll paint using the medium of your choice — oil, acrylics or watercolor.

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The basics of a strong composition work in impressionist work as well as abstract expressionism. It is the difference between a viewer walking past and a viewer stopping to look at a compelling artwork. Energy, emotion, movement, are all conveyed with a collection of lines, shapes, textures and colors. A bad composition cannot be saved by a well painted surface, the foundation of your work needs to be strong. This workshop will go over the basics of color and composition. For many, it may be a time of remembering what they already know for others it will be a time of learning how to organize a painting. My hope is that you will paint like you, only more efficiently, and more powerfully.

The workshop starts with the morning covering the basics of composition. Real and implied lines, direction, movement, texture, focal point, perspective are covered in a series of short exercises. Then color. A basic color wheel, limiting color, avoiding the spotted mentality, tying all things together, the evils and uses of black, movement, and the emotion of color will also be covered in a series of exercises. Then we get to look at all the exercise paintings while we eat lunch.

The afternoon we will be working on two to three painting of your choice. Please bring in photos of your past work. My hope is for everyone to leave with a pile of sketches for future reference as well as several mostly finished paintings. Bring with you photograph images or sketches for 6 paintings, your paint and materials along with 3 surfaces to paint on. I will have surfaces and acrylic paint available for all the exercises.

This is a fun time with lots of paint with lots of surfaces to paint on.

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